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The BEST part about going out should be GETTING DRESSED!

This is Tiffany's mantra! Dallas native Tiffany Walker, Owner and Founder of Pink Lucy.

Pink Lucy is non-conforming and represents everything a woman desires to be... fashion-forward, sexy, and memorable!

Now that the world is opening back up after #Covid, and women are attending #events and returning to work, it's even more important to enjoy getting dressed and making a statement when going out.

On May 14-15, 2022, the #DallasArboretum will honor the past, enjoy the present and look into the future to celebrate diversity through the Black culture experiences. Honoring the past and looking toward the future aligns with Tiffany's company and its history, as her brand is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Betty J. Walker- the real Pink Lucy.

Betty J. Walker is Tiffany's mother; she was her biggest fan, supporter, cheerleader,

BEST friend, and so much more. Her unexpected death rocked Tiffany to the core, but what she taught her about strength, resilience, and living life limitless shook up the gems she instilled in her. Those became the strength she needed to keep pushing; despite the hurt and pain.

The Black Heritage Celebration will showcase the Pink Lucy style and panache that screams individualism and self-expression. Pink Lucy is the edge of glam- glamorous with an "in your face" edge.

With headquarters in Dallas, TX, they create apparel that many women swoon over and travel across the country... to have a custom look designed by Tiffany S. Walker!

Tiffany has mastered and perfected the science of FIT; whether a size 0 or 22, Pink Lucy has the magic touch to flatter any figure and make every woman feel like a million bucks!

Pink Lucy is literally for everyBODY with emphasis on the body!

Pink Lucy is the glamor and pizazz and is a showstopper. This is the perfect recipe for a fashion show!

Nothing about Tiffany is simple, so her clothes are sure to be a showstopper- just like her.

Dallas Arboretum and the Black Heritage Celebration crowds it draws are two reasons Tiffany is excited to show women of all sizes how to make their statements.

"I love the events at the arboretum; it's such a beautiful space," she said. "The people who appreciate its beauty are the same who can understand the style and beauty of Pink.

Visitors can see her booth on May 14-15th.

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