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Your new sis, will be pointing you in the right direction!

Toni Duclottni-Harich, Founder House of Haute, Inc.

Addison-based House of Haute, Inc., Founder & Owner aka The Chief Hautie, Toni is the fashion best friend we never knew we needed and now have at our fingertips.

Toni has been pointing us in the right "fashion" direction since 2009. Interestingly this direction was on the forefront of #YouTube. That's right; she started as a digital influencer with her YouTube channel. House of Haute was built on a digital community with fashion at its core.

Toni opened her storefront in 2014, she says the only reason the boutique and brand exists is from her desire to serve her tribe and fulfill a need that people were asking to fo find them fashion-forward garments at a reasonable price. Since her childhood, she’s always been creative and had a sincere love of fashion.

On May 14-15, 2022, the #DallasArboretum will honor the past, enjoy the present and look into the future to celebrate diversity through Black culture experiences. House of Haute has made it its mission to provide a level of excellence geared explicitly toward Black people reemphasizing that we deserve to have a luxury experience without breaking the bank.

The Black Heritage fashion show is the perfect opportunity to show the #Dallas community to celebrate black designers, artists, entertainers, and businesses as they proudly display, engage and educate the community on the beauty and inspiration of Black culture.

Toni says “This year's committee has truly curated a collection of black artists to showcase the wide variety of talents that makes the City of Dallas a diverse community”. House of Haute, participation in this event, embodies the

true spirit of building up our community. House of Haute offers its vendors a creative space, photography studios, and business workshops to other fashion industry creatives to help meet their needs without breaking the bank. Dallas Arboretum and the Black Heritage Celebration draws a diverse crowd of visitors, and Toni is excited to show her fellow 'sister' what it means to curate style.

Visitors can see her booth on May 14-15th.

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